FY17 A World of CARE - List of Countries and Map
List and Map of the 93 countries where CARE worked in FY17, contributing to saving lives, defeating poverty and achieving social justice.
Country list and description - PDF format

Map - PDF format

Map - JEPG format
FY17 World of CARE Map - JPEG.jpg
Map - Illustrator .ia format

FY17 Process: Data Submission by Country
Detail of data submission for PIIRS, by Region and Country

FY17 data submission wiki.png

FY17 STAFF data
staff visual.jpg
An Overview of FY17 staff data

The visual in the link provides you with staff figures in three different levels:

Page 1: FY15 - FY17 Staff Figures - All CARE
Page 2: FY15 - FY17 Staff Figures - Regions
Page 3: FY15 - FY17 Staff Figures - Countries

FY17 REACH data

A snapshot of the FY17 REACH data and what this data means in terms of contribution to the CARE2020 Program Strategy

Data summaries for REGIONS, COUNTRIES and PROJECTS

This document provides you with FY17 PIIRS data summaries for PROJECTS (first tab), COUNTRIES (second tab) and REGIONS (third tab). We also provide a set of reflection questions for you to use as you are reviewing the PIIRS FY CO summary sheets

Project visual.jpgcountry visual.jpg

Data summaries for CARE member Partners

This document provides you with FY17 PIIRS data summaries for CARE Member Partners

PIIRS FY17 CMP summaries 180103 - CARE Canada_Page_1.jpgPIIRS FY17 CMP summaries 180103 - CARE Canada_Page_2.jpg


A compilation of CARE's contribution to impact over the period 2014-2017, also reflecting on progress towards the commitments of the CARE 2020 Program Strategy.


This document (in Word and PDF formats) provides a descriptive and summary analysis of the CARE International participant figures for FY17. It also shows trends in participant numbers, comparing FY17 numbers with previous years. You will also find information about the CARE approach, roles and partnerships. Most information is shown by the elements of the CARE 2020 Program Strategy, regions and CARE International Members.