FY18 A World of CARE - List of Countries and Map

List and Map of the 95 countries where CARE worked in FY18, contributing to saving lives, defeating poverty and achieving social justice.
Country list and description - PDF format

Map - PDF format

Map - JEPG format

FY18 Process: Data Submission by Country

Detail of data submission for PIIRS, by Region and Country

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FY18 STAFF data
staff visual.jpg
An Overview of FY15 - FY18 staff data

The visual in the link provides you with staff figures in different ways:

Slide 1: FY15 - FY18 Staff Figures - All CARE staff composition, by female/male and national/international

Slide 2: FY15 - FY18 Staff Figures - Composition of senior staff
Slide 3: FY15 - FY18 Staff Figures - Regions
Slide 4: FY15 - FY18 Staff Figures - Countries

Slide 5: FY15 - FY18 Staff Figures - % changes on total staff across FYs, by country

Slide 6: FY15 - FY18 Staff Figures - % women of total staff and senior staff, by country