A resource for sharing documents and tools for knowledge management and learning (KML) in CARE
Vivid description of what successful KML means for CARE (July 2017) - document, and infographic

Examples of effective KML in CARE

KLM Resources:

Country or project KML strategy documents:

Top Learning on CARE's program priorities:
These short, 3-4 page summaries provide guidance on the critical learnings – frameworks, strategies, good practices, and lessons - from across CARE that should be taken into account in developing new projects and programs, anywhere in the world:
  • Gender Equality & Women's Voice - 2017
  • Inclusive Governance - 2017
  • Resilience - 2017
  • Sexual, Reproductive & Maternal Health rights - 2017
  • Food & Nutrition Security and Climate Change Resilience - 2017
  • Women's Economic Empowerment - 2017
  • The learning behind the numbers - How CARE is helping prevent Gender Based Violence - 2018

Other key documents on the Program Strategy: