About the MEL Community of Practice

The CI MEL Community of Practice is created as a space where MEL specialists and MEL enthusiasts from all CARE offices can:
  1. Regularly be informed on progress around the global MEL agenda
  2. Engage in sessions and activities focused on: sharing practices/tools/innovations, collectively addressing MEL challenges, training, technical assistance, etc. All with the ultimate goal of strengthening MEL capacities across CARE.
It is a semi-formal platform, facilitated by the CI MEL group, and its success is highly dependent on the extent to which its members are actively engaged, and able to share their experience and perspectives.

How to join the MEL Community of Practice
The engagement in the Community of Practice is open to colleagues in all CARE teams around the world (Project, Country, Region, Member or Affiliate, etc.). If you are interested in joining, please fill the global capacity mapping at https://goo.gl/forms/HHHZA
7CGv9Q0HQTC2and you will automatically be incorporated to future communications.
Why a capacity mapping? Members of the Community of Practice are the core of CARE’s global capacity for monitoring programmatic actions, measuring impact and capturing and sharing leaning from our programming. Therefore, it is of great value to know how our MEL expertise is consolidated around the world, and the capacity building needs in different aspects of MEL.
The CI MEL Community of Practice will start with bi-monthly 1-2 hour sessions (in English) via teleconference and they will normally follow this format:
  1. Brief update on CARE’s MEL agenda
  2. Focused dialogue: presentation, training, panel or other, on a topic of interest
  3. Open Discussion: open (but moderated) dialogue, where members are free to share their expertise, documents, resources, etc.
Other forms of interaction will be explored once the Community of Practice is active.
The agenda of the Community of Practice will be highly linked with the priorities that shape the CI MEL agenda. However, members are free to adjust its content or evolve to a wider range of working groups (e.g. in other languages) or other forms of interaction.

Terms of Reference in different languages




Members of the Community of Practice

By February 28, 2018

Session 1 - February 6

  1. Introducing everyone to the Community of Practice and the linkages with the global MEL agenda and MEL framework
  2. Reviewing our current MEL capacities
  3. Discussing on expectations, themes of interest and ways of working going forward

Session 2 - March 21

Agenda: Using PIIRS data for planing, learning and improving programming.
Presentations from Mali, Southern Africa, Malawi, Bangladesh and Latin America & Caribbean

Session 3 - April 10

Agenda: Session focused on measurement and learning around the three elements of the CARE Approach: Gender Equality and Women’s Voice, Inclusive Governance and Resilience.
  • Application of the markers and how they help us assess the degree to which we are integration the CARE Approach in our work
  • Discussion on Global and Supplementary indicators to measure impact/outcomes around the CARE Approach

Upcoming Sessions 2018

Upcoming session CoP MEL.jpg