FY16 Global data
A global report and analysis of FY16 data by Regions, CARE International Members and the CARE 2020 Program Strategy

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FY16 List of Projects and Initiatives by COUNTRY
A list of the FY16 projects and initiatives for your country, identifying those that would be expected to report data in FY17

FY16 Largest 50 Projects Worldwide
A list of CARE's largest 50 projects in FY16. These 50 project account for near 85% of all direct participants reached in FY16.

A snapshot of the FY16 REACH data for your country and what this data means in terms of contribution to the CARE2020 Program Strategy

Data shown in millions of people
Data shown in thousands of people



A snapshot of IMPACT and OUTCOMES to end of FY16, by Country ("Country Impact Summary" worksheet) or Global levels ("Global
Impact Summary" worksheet)

reach impact map photo.png

CARE's reach and impact map

For the first time, CARE is not only mapping its reach and impact data but also making it available to partners, donors, supporters and stakeholders, instead of simply via PIIRS.

The Reach and Impact map is a step in the process to become more accountable and accessible.

Questions or comments? Please contact piirs@careinternational.org.

Lessons learned from the FY16 data collection process

A compilation of questions, recommendations and learning around the FY16 process and the FY16 forms

A summary of common errors made in data entry on impact/outcome indicators in PIIRS FY16.

FY16 data visualization tips and examples

The Southern Africa IGS - FY16 PIIRS Impact Data is a document that provides data visualization of Southern Africa IGS impact/outcome.

The PIIRS Data – Bangladesh is a document that provides data visualization of direct and indirect participants reached in Bangladesh compared to direct and indirect participants reached globally.

Program Strategy Outcome (“Outcome Area”) Guidance is a document that lists the sectors that make up each Program Strategy Outcome.

Forms and materials from the FY16 data collection process

A compilations of forms, videos and other materials from the FY16 PIIRS data collection and reporting process