This page serves as a common repository for CARE´s program strategy documents and their corresponding MEL frameworks.

Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning Frameworks

The CARE International 2020 Program Strategy

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The CARE International Women´s Economic Empowerment Strategy

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MEL framework for WEE

This document provides detailed guidance on MEL standards and processes for WEE projects globally – in particular on collecting data and reporting on the WEE Global and supplementary indicators to be used in all WEE projects.

Impact Growth Strategies

Impact Growth Strategy Complexity-Aware MEL Guidance Note

This guidance aims to provide point on what must be covered in each IGS strategy in terms of M&E; to provoke a shift in thinking to include M&E beyond quantitative data for CARE global indicators, but also to consider context and systems, multipliers and our/their role in the system, and to create a balance between learning and adapting, and accountability. If offers a process, templates, and guidelines to ensure that elements of adaptive management and complexity and systems thinking are incorporated into IGS M&E plans.
The CARE International Advocacy Handbook

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MEL for Advocacy Initiatives

At CARE, we are constantly thinking and reevaluating how to measure and capture our advocacy work. Measuring the impact of advocacy takes time, reflection, and adaptation and can vary greatly in various contexts. Although we are continuing to develop these tools, here are a few helpful resources that have been developed across the organization.

POWER Tool:Toolkit for Developing Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Systems for Advocacy

This toolkit has been developed to support CARE staff that are engaging in advocacy and would like resources as they develop Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) systems for advocacy.

CARE Qualitative Methods Guidance with Advocacy Examples

CARE USA's Advocacy Knowledge Map
This document shows you where you can find all of our advocacy materials including our USA advocacy materials, Power Tools, CARE Action!, Social Media Accounts, and Listservs.

Global FNS Advocacy Strategy
This document is intended as a resource to support and enable FNS advocacy all over CARE. It sets priorities but includes relatively broad (big tent) goals, and provides a way for each of us to contribute through our advocacy work to the outcome area goal in the Programme Strategy.
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